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  1. Hello. I was a friend of Kirk’s back when we were in high school in Modesto, CA. I just found out that he passed. I am very sad right now and wanted to share my grief with you, for some reason, and for what it’s worth.

    • That’s really cool that you found little me on this big ol’ net. I met Kirk about five years ago when I started thinking about getting some bigger tattoos. He happened to be chillin on the couch the day that I walked in and we were instant buds. I even apprenticed with him for a summer a few years ago. I feel like I should be feeling better about his death, but it’s so hard when you’ve got permanent reminders of him on your body. RIGHT THERE. He was such a cool dude. He taught me about the Misfits. I still have a voicemail from him and sometimes I listen to it and it doesn’t feel real.

      Thanks for reaching out. Most of my friends didn’t really know him so there’s no one to remember with.


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