The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock*

*or so they say.

There once was a clock. The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock (which doesn’t seem to be true, but oh well. It’s still really big). It was built in 1972 in Wilmot at the Alpine Alpa Restaurant. A millionaire in Sugarcreek bought it up and we are preparing to put it downtown. It sat alone for a long time. And it really showed. My Art Club kids were asked to restore the figures. After coming up with names and back stories for all of the band members, we got down to business.

This was taken with Holga, but it best shows the wear and tear.

Lookin snazzy!

In it’s previous state….can’t wait to see it in action again.

2 thoughts on “The World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock*

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  2. Greetings, Mallory, from the Dayton area. (from a fellow blogger and photographer, as well) I found a couple of your high res photos of rehabbing the wooden characters for the cuckoo clock. By any chance, might you be able to point me to some high resolution digital photos of the cuckoo clock there in Sugarcreek? I’m a freelance writer for a not for profit publication of the Ohio rural electric co-ops, and the editor has asked me to try to find a photo to go along with a blurb about the clock. We don’t really have the budget or time to drive over to get a photo ourselves, and are hoping someone might have a couple of decent photos we might be able to use. (hopefully at least 1 megabyte in size) If you know of anything like this, please let me know, and thanks!

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