The first tomato from my garden. Eaten immediately after this was taken. MMMMMM.

Hanging out with my Best Friend and Baby Friend Foeva.

Working on a new piece. Finally.

Valleytown rocked our favorite doublewide dive.

MMMMMM Peach Beach….

Oh, Pete.

The winning team of the 3rd Annual Bicycle Scavenger Hunt. Though the tattoo wasn’t the clue that made us win, I’m really glad I got to sit in the AC the whole time.*


*That’s a lie. I missed the whole thing. Oh well….next year.

Back to School

Well folks, the time has come. Summer is dwindling down. After spending nine hours in the classroom yesterday, I got much accomplished. I think I’m ready.

It’s like Christmas!

This is the third time I’ve received product packaging as stuffing in my art order. Tootsie Rolls, Dum Dums and now Cough Drops. Neat.


The boys play games on Mondays. I beat them at Formula De.

Pietje improvises while his couch situation changes.

The couch finally arrived this morning. As you may know with Ikea furniture…some assembly is required*


I got drilled at the dentist today. This is an honest attempt at a smile. No good.