Recently posts are a place for pics that don’t quite warrant their own entry to exist together. A lovely little patchwork of those random moments that happen through the week.

We had a quiet Wacky Wednesday Craft Club this week with only one member showing up. So we made pizzas and watched Attack the Block. Pretty nice little evening.

My friend Rit commented on Facebook, “Hello?!? Yes. This is baby!”
Crackin me up.

The crow parties have started again behind my house. The noise is pretty incredible.

I see you.

We’re wrapping the clock up. I’ll miss my little wooden family when they aren’t living in my storage room anymore.

Awesome. In the true sense of the word.

4 thoughts on “Recently.

  1. Thank you for the pictures of the Alpine Alpa clock and “crew”! It does warm my heart a bit to hear that the clock is being restored/preserved. Can you share any of the recent happenings with the clock? What has happened now that the figures have been restored?

  2. The politics of the clock have been the slightly less awesome part of getting it back up and running. Right now the figures are still in the storage room of my art room at the high school. The people in charge are still trying to get the location in downtown Sugarcreek prepared and a few other issues have popped up. Sigh. I’ll keep ya posted when things start happenin again!

    For now though, here’s the local paper’s take on it:

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