Those darn crickets….

I feel like I’m always apologizing about crickets around here….but crickets are supposed to be good luck, right? Here’s some randomness from the last few weeks.

The boys (well, they’re men…grown men) play games every Monday evening. Formula Dé is a cool French game where I get to show off my stick shift skillz.

For my friend’s bachelor/bachelorette/party but not really get-together, we got to hang out at his millionaire boss’s amazing cabin. The bathroom, however, was aesthetically questionable at best.

I found this while thrifting. $3. Perfect for the man for our fourth wedding anniversary. “A Love Letter.”

The one nice thing about waking up at 5:30am.

Mini Bittner from Taggart’s in Canton, Ohio. Drooooooool….

Poor, poor Pietje. He’s on a restricted diet and on the ‘roids. He has lost five pounds in two weeks so now he only weighs 52 pounds. My skinny little man. We’ll beat these allergies!

My Baby Friend Forever cracks me up every time.

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