Time Travel.

I teach high school art, so I guess it kinda goes without saying that I get sick. And often. Sharing pencils, paintbrushes and just being around germy kids will definitely get you sick in your first few years of teaching. Last year I got the Epstein-Barr Virus aka Yuppie Flu aka Mono. It knocked me OUT. Sleeping for weeks.

(I hate you, you awful virus)

Well, I’m sick again. I missed three days of school this week because I’ve been sleeping. And not restful sleep. It’s like time travel….I fall asleep and then wake up instantly but six hours have passed. I had bloodwork drawn today, at my mother’s annoyingly persistent request, but I don’t know what that will tell us. Just that I still have this awful virus.

We used to have dance parties to this song in the car. Maybe I jinxed myself.

Oh well, I’ll dance anyway.

Stay healthy.