Recently posts are a place for pics that don’t quite warrant their own entry to exist together. A lovely little patchwork of those random moments that happen through the week.

Nothin on.


This was spirit week at school leading up to the big football game. Thursday was 80’s Day. I just love to make kids’ minds explode. On a side note, that is my authentic NKOTB huge button. Got it at my first concert ever. I also got a souvenir from the tour bus driver as we were walking back to our car after the show. Donnie’s cloth dinner napkin. I still have it.

This BFF is nutz.

My little sister’s finally turned 25. I thought they turned 25 last year and had given them artwork based on that number. Whoops.

We played at the last Farmers Market of the season. We got some amazing tips this time.

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