The Bicycle – Part 1

My dad made me cry in front of everyone at Christmas.

I don’t think it was his intention….but he gave me a gift that just about tore my heart out.

A few years back, a friend gave me a bike he found on the side of the road…..well that’s what he told me anyway. The shape of it was really slick and I saw potential. My dad loves projects like this, so he came over one day and helped me tear it apart.

This guy right here.

And in this place it sat for nearly two years. Just waiting. I took the main pieces down to my buddy and tattoo artist, Kirk, who was going to paint them up and do some wicked pinstriping for me. Kirk passed away early in 2011 and I really hadn’t been able to make myself go down to his garage and dig around for them.

My dad went and found them.

Part 2 coming soon….

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