An adventure.

We ran away on a little adventure during our week off together. It really all stemmed from wanting to go to the Pittsburgh Ikea, but we decided to drive just a bit further and go to a couple of the Carnegie museums. The Museum of Art was…okay. But the Museum of Natural History was SO RAD.

The minerals and gems were some of the most gorgeous natural materials I’ve ever seen in my life. Just incredible. Pictures will never capture it. Go see them for yourself.

Um, I’m obsessed with dinosaurs. If I ever had to switch gears and try a new career, I would definitely go dig up bones. I turn into a child when I’m around them and probably act worse than one to get closer to them.

Though not technically a dinosaur, Pterodactyls are my fave.


See? I was even wearing my dino bling to the dino exhibit. DEDICATION.

I’m glad this is not real. Those things are huge.

On the (brisk) walk back to the car, we spotted somethin fun.

Carnegie had this sculpture set up on campus. I think it was supposed to be hopeful, but I found it quite disturbing.


Been on any adventures lately?