The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

As I’m sure it is for everyone, Christmas happens about five different times with different groups of people. I am in love with this because I love to give (and who am I kidding, receive) gifts. And I love the decor and food associated with these get togethers as well.

But I am glad it’s over. Here are the last few, I think, holiday pics.

Just what is in that Magic Water?

^ Truth.

I got Stevo something awesome this year. I’ll be paying for it for awhile, but it’s worth it.

On Christmas morning, we made some coffee and exchanged our gifts. Once we were finished, I let him know that there was a clue on the bottom of his Lego mug. It led him to the Indiana Jones set, which took him to the Wooly Mammoth set in the basement, then to the Pirate Ship set that was chillin in the bathtub. I stumped him for a bit on finding the Mindstorm controller amongst all of his other tech stuff, but that lead him to the racecar set that was in the garage. The spare key inside the racecar opened up my car to reveal the massssive mystery box. By this point, he already knew, but he was grinnin ear to ear.

Four days later, we’ve got ourselves a Death Star™.

At my buddy Scott’s 10th Annual Cookie Party, I brought these amazing Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Truffles that How Sweet It Is featured one fine day. They are soooo good. I gave them a more colorful title for this particular soirée*.

*Thank you Urban Dictionary for killing any bit of confidence I had in myself today.

In making stockings for everyone, I realized I have three sets of friends with a male J and a female A. Weird…..

The Wacky Wednesday Craft Club Secret Santa was a success as always.

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