Tuesday Tunage

Where has the time gone?

Last night I went to a Tuneyards concert at the Wexner Center in Columbus and it was AWESOME. The first band left something to be desired, but man oh man, I am smitten with this band. I had heard Bizness and thought it was cool, but when I realized how this music is made, I fell head over heels. Plus it’s UKULELE! IN LOVE FOREVER.

Quite a lovely setup.

And added to my gigposter collection. The sleeve for this record was purchased by Merrill of the Tuneyards at a thrift store, turned inside out and printed on. This highly amuses me.

I love discovering new (to me) music.

The Art Show

Sorry so quiet! The end of the school year is ALWAYS madness. This year I moved the art show out of my classroom and into the gym. We just had waaaay too much artwork to nicely display it the way we had. It was hard, but I picked a few of my favorite pieces to share with you. Another year down!

Some of the high school art contests we participate in set up in this way. I thought it would be an easy way to setup/teardown quickly and was very easy to organize by class and to build upon through the day.

Anamorphic…..look at the reflection, not the paper!

Handmade Paper Pulp Paintings.

Gloss Medium Photo Transfer, Watercolor

Pop Art Mixed Media: Colored Pencil, Sharpie, Pencil, Watercolor

Gloss Medium Photo Transfer, Watercolor

Reductive Linoleum Print

Classroom Contour: Tempera, Sharpie

Special Place Oil Painting

Cut Paper, Elmers Glue Resist


Something interesting and kind of life affirming happened at the art show. About half way through, a sparrow flew in through the open door and circled around the ceiling of the gym for AT LEAST an hour. It was exhausted and couldn’t figure out how to land anywhere. All the kids and I were really depressed about it…just watching it struggle. Eventually, it grabbed onto one of the gym lights near a window and didn’t move anymore. I figured it had finally freaked itself out for good. After we got things cleaned up, one of the science teachers and I killed the gym lights and tossed a ball of paper up to see if we could knock it down. All of a sudden it took off and smacked into a window and caught itself on it. We grabbed a trash can and finally captured it. We released it outside and it immediately took off, but it did a 180 and flew back towards the school. It met another sparrow who had been waiting right outside the window it was resting near. They took off together side by side.