My old friend Holga.

It’s been far too long. This was a lovely little roll of B&W 120. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed when I received my film after processing, but this one had some gems that I am super in love with.

Trying out my new Holga Fisheye lens.

I really loved how this multiple exposure turned out. Too bad the band broke up.

This was a bad cut from the people who processed my film, but I like the juxtaposition of the two images the more and more I see it. I need to get a negative scanner so I can better crop these weird ones.

This quilt looks sooo good in black and white.

My second annual crazy Christmas tree shot. Here’s the first.

This is also a second annual weird Tulip shot. The last one was much more trippy.

This looks so ominous. But just the broken up band again.

I guess I really do just shoot the same things roll after roll. But it’s really fun to see how different they come out every time.

Shot anything fun lately?


These are from some time ago. From my birthday, in fact. They have been living on my desktop, just waiting to have a post to call home. I’ve been a very neglectful grammother but I’ll make it up to them.

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