My old friend Holga.

It’s been far too long. This was a lovely little roll of B&W 120. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed when I received my film after processing, but this one had some gems that I am super in love with.

Trying out my new Holga Fisheye lens.

I really loved how this multiple exposure turned out. Too bad the band broke up.

This was a bad cut from the people who processed my film, but I like the juxtaposition of the two images the more and more I see it. I need to get a negative scanner so I can better crop these weird ones.

This quilt looks sooo good in black and white.

My second annual crazy Christmas tree shot. Here’s the first.

This is also a second annual weird Tulip shot. The last one was much more trippy.

This looks so ominous. But just the broken up band again.

I guess I really do just shoot the same things roll after roll. But it’s really fun to see how different they come out every time.

Shot anything fun lately?

2 thoughts on “My old friend Holga.

  1. These are so awesome! I love the last one–the double exposure with the records and the record player. Plus, the Valleytown one is awesome (and a little birdy told me Atom may be back in…)

  2. You should definitely share that one with Valleytown now! Even though Walter isn’t there anymore, I bet they will LOVE to see it!

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