Aruba on Film

Aruba was…..incredible. Not a vacation where you do too much, but that’s the whole point. Time well spent with just each other and a few little adventures. I had my trusty Konica C35 in tow.

2 thoughts on “Aruba on Film

  1. Aruba is on my hit list. I don’t really like vacations or travelling–but for some reason (maybe because it’s my gran’s favorite place to visit), I have a soft spot for Aruba.

    Thank you for keeping that longing alive with your beautiful pictures!

  2. I really had no idea where this place was or what to expect when we got there. Just knew that it had Dutch influence (my husband is Dutch) and that it would be beautiful. We typically go on “walk around NYC for a week straight” types of vacations, so it was really nice to just be together on a tiny little island for a week.

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