We’ve welcomed a new member into our little family. Not ready for the human version, but another furry one will do just fine.

Please welcome Petunia!

She’s pretty amazing.

RIP Disaster Transport

One of my favorite summer pastimes is a day at Cedar Point. My family has been going there since before I can remember. The Diaster Transport is one of the rides that I could ride before I was big enough for the really scary ones, so it has kind of a special place in my heart.

They’ve torn it down.

Yep, it, along with the Space Needle, are now a pile of rubble. But we took a day this summer to enjoy it one last time….

Jus chillin.

Nice day for it.

There she is.

All very sad, except for Scott apparently.

Interior amazingness.

One last time.

Pearly whites.

A collection of sorts.


Oh, THIS guy.

A really nice, but extremely hot, day that I will remember forever.