RIP Disaster Transport

One of my favorite summer pastimes is a day at Cedar Point. My family has been going there since before I can remember. The Diaster Transport is one of the rides that I could ride before I was big enough for the really scary ones, so it has kind of a special place in my heart.

They’ve torn it down.

Yep, it, along with the Space Needle, are now a pile of rubble. But we took a day this summer to enjoy it one last time….

Jus chillin.

Nice day for it.

There she is.

All very sad, except for Scott apparently.

Interior amazingness.

One last time.

Pearly whites.

A collection of sorts.


Oh, THIS guy.

A really nice, but extremely hot, day that I will remember forever.

An adventure.

We ran away on a little adventure during our week off together. It really all stemmed from wanting to go to the Pittsburgh Ikea, but we decided to drive just a bit further and go to a couple of the Carnegie museums. The Museum of Art was…okay. But the Museum of Natural History was SO RAD.

The minerals and gems were some of the most gorgeous natural materials I’ve ever seen in my life. Just incredible. Pictures will never capture it. Go see them for yourself.

Um, I’m obsessed with dinosaurs. If I ever had to switch gears and try a new career, I would definitely go dig up bones. I turn into a child when I’m around them and probably act worse than one to get closer to them.

Though not technically a dinosaur, Pterodactyls are my fave.


See? I was even wearing my dino bling to the dino exhibit. DEDICATION.

I’m glad this is not real. Those things are huge.

On the (brisk) walk back to the car, we spotted somethin fun.

Carnegie had this sculpture set up on campus. I think it was supposed to be hopeful, but I found it quite disturbing.


Been on any adventures lately?

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

As I’m sure it is for everyone, Christmas happens about five different times with different groups of people. I am in love with this because I love to give (and who am I kidding, receive) gifts. And I love the decor and food associated with these get togethers as well.

But I am glad it’s over. Here are the last few, I think, holiday pics.

Just what is in that Magic Water?

^ Truth.

I got Stevo something awesome this year. I’ll be paying for it for awhile, but it’s worth it.

On Christmas morning, we made some coffee and exchanged our gifts. Once we were finished, I let him know that there was a clue on the bottom of his Lego mug. It led him to the Indiana Jones set, which took him to the Wooly Mammoth set in the basement, then to the Pirate Ship set that was chillin in the bathtub. I stumped him for a bit on finding the Mindstorm controller amongst all of his other tech stuff, but that lead him to the racecar set that was in the garage. The spare key inside the racecar opened up my car to reveal the massssive mystery box. By this point, he already knew, but he was grinnin ear to ear.

Four days later, we’ve got ourselves a Death Star™.

At my buddy Scott’s 10th Annual Cookie Party, I brought these amazing Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Truffles that How Sweet It Is featured one fine day. They are soooo good. I gave them a more colorful title for this particular soirée*.

*Thank you Urban Dictionary for killing any bit of confidence I had in myself today.

In making stockings for everyone, I realized I have three sets of friends with a male J and a female A. Weird…..

The Wacky Wednesday Craft Club Secret Santa was a success as always.

The Bicycle – Part 1

My dad made me cry in front of everyone at Christmas.

I don’t think it was his intention….but he gave me a gift that just about tore my heart out.

A few years back, a friend gave me a bike he found on the side of the road…..well that’s what he told me anyway. The shape of it was really slick and I saw potential. My dad loves projects like this, so he came over one day and helped me tear it apart.

This guy right here.

And in this place it sat for nearly two years. Just waiting. I took the main pieces down to my buddy and tattoo artist, Kirk, who was going to paint them up and do some wicked pinstriping for me. Kirk passed away early in 2011 and I really hadn’t been able to make myself go down to his garage and dig around for them.

My dad went and found them.

Part 2 coming soon….


What is it with people and surprise parties lately? Whatevs. They’re tons of fun.

This cracked me up.


My sisters and I were asked to perform for Mattevi’s big partay. Glad to oblige.

*One of the many strange things that I married into:

The County Fair.

It’s exactly the same every year, but I think that’s what draws us back.

Apparently there was some drama involved with the Heaviest Pumpkin competition this year and this really was the winner.

A must see.

I didn’t even win Mardi Gras beads this year. Sigh.

The photobooth ate our picture. So, as per usual, I ain’t afraid to hunt down the carnie and make him open it up for me. But we missed out on an Amelie-esque opportunity. When he opened the machine, there were three or four other photos stuck in there from people who had given up waiting. I should have asked if we could keep them. Darn.