What is it with people and surprise parties lately? Whatevs. They’re tons of fun.

This cracked me up.


My sisters and I were asked to perform for Mattevi’s big partay. Glad to oblige.

*One of the many strange things that I married into:

The County Fair.

It’s exactly the same every year, but I think that’s what draws us back.

Apparently there was some drama involved with the Heaviest Pumpkin competition this year and this really was the winner.

A must see.

I didn’t even win Mardi Gras beads this year. Sigh.

The photobooth ate our picture. So, as per usual, I ain’t afraid to hunt down the carnie and make him open it up for me. But we missed out on an Amelie-esque opportunity. When he opened the machine, there were three or four other photos stuck in there from people who had given up waiting. I should have asked if we could keep them. Darn.

Shopping Hiatus.

That’s right. I’m on another one. Thirty days. Mostly so I can afford the UMAZIN tattoo I’m about to get on Friday. Pics to come! I ended up at UO this past weekend, so the last thing I bought before my hiatus was another member to add to my Dunny family. He’ll fit right in.

Road trip.

We went on a little journey into southern Ohio territory this past weekend. On the way we picked up the newest member of my ukulele family. Jodi was the one who inspired me to start playing and it was this instrument that made me swoon. So happy to have it. We then continued on to our friend’s place in Athens and made some wonderful new canine friends.

Date Night

I took the hubs on a date this week…doesn’t get much more romantic than Chipotle and Harry Potter, right? But really, going to this movie theater is just a coverup for my pinball addiction. They took away the Pirates of the Caribbean machine I had mastered and replaced it with a Rolling Stones one. Mick kept pulling gnarly blocks on me! If it hadn’t been the old man’s birthday that day, I wouldn’t have let him get away with it….