A new year, a new camera.

Long time no see!

With Christmas always comes some fun photography stuff and this year was no exception. Not only did I receive a Spinner 360, a Nishika 3D camera and a film scanner, my main man spoiled me with a Rebel T1I DSLR! I have to admit….though I have pretty good control with the Holga, there’s really not much to it. So I’ve got a lot of learning to do!

IMG_3353 IMG_3354

IMG_3311  IMG_3315

IMG_3340 IMG_3344

The last little bit from Christmas I still need to take down:

And my fave from the photoshoot for my sister’s band Valleytown:

I think I’m in love.

My old friend Holga.

It’s been far too long. This was a lovely little roll of B&W 120. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed when I received my film after processing, but this one had some gems that I am super in love with.

Trying out my new Holga Fisheye lens.

I really loved how this multiple exposure turned out. Too bad the band broke up.

This was a bad cut from the people who processed my film, but I like the juxtaposition of the two images the more and more I see it. I need to get a negative scanner so I can better crop these weird ones.

This quilt looks sooo good in black and white.

My second annual crazy Christmas tree shot. Here’s the first.

This is also a second annual weird Tulip shot. The last one was much more trippy.

This looks so ominous. But just the broken up band again.

I guess I really do just shoot the same things roll after roll. But it’s really fun to see how different they come out every time.

Shot anything fun lately?


School’s winding down, so now I actually have time to do fun things like thrifting, playing that dusty ukulele and enjoying a treat or too. Summer can’t come soon enough….

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I quit using the provided filters on Instagram. I guess it was the same reason I quit using Hipstamatic…If I can create those effects with actual film, I’d rather do that. Now to get that Holga back out….

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I’m trying not to let Instagram take over my photo taking. I think I’ve found a pretty nice balance and have really enjoyed socially networking with people through photography. Hooray!

If you hover over the pic, it’ll give you my typical little blurb.

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This is an ongoing series of the various collections in my life.

Today’s collection features some of my B&W photography from the last wet lab class they ever offered at Kent State in 2005. I am so grateful I got to learn how to develop and print my own photos before they tore down the lab.

I have nearly all the equipment I need to start developing again in my basement. Most of my excitement comes from the weird techniques I can begin to play around with after I get comfortable with the processes again. If you have any interesting or useful resources that relate to the darkroom, I would love to see them!