Thriftin Thursday

I’ve been savin my pennis for some new ink (WHICH I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR. Sorry. Didn’t mean to yell at you. You’re here, reading this post and I truly appreciate that. If you’re still reading, I REALLY appreciate that.) So I haven’t been torturing myself by shopping too much. I won’t even open all the those emails I get regarding the best deals of the century. Nope. FRUGAL.

But I do know that I will have

listening to

Thriftin Thursday

I have a problem. A serious problem. Thrifting. This little number was $2 from some random new shop in my teeny tiny town. Almost all baby clothes….ALMOST.

p.s. I wore this dress to my surprise birthday dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Everyone was there. It was awesome. And then they came out singing and gave me mysterious concoction and then I ended up with a pie in the face. I have a great sense of humor, but I was most concerned about my dress. It all came out though. Whew.