Tuesday Tunage.

Instead of featuring just whatever song I’m currently obsessing over, I thought I’d share some recent vinyl finds.

First though, some vinyl Holgas from early last year. I am soooo excited to shoot some color 120. The black and white medium formats turned out lovely and I have some ideas for colorplay with the new roll.

I am codirecting the musical this year, so I’ve got a few hours to kill between school and practice. Last week, I ventured out to Berlin to one of my favorite antique malls.

The booty:

This begins my girl group vinyl mission.

I’ve been known to throw a killer dance party. Non-stop disco sounds like some fun.

That musical I’m directing is Beauty and the Beast. No wonder it caught my eye. The funny thing to me was that handwritten note near the title that reads, “Too old for Kindergarten”.

I was big into bellydancing for awhile and I definitely still bust those moves out whenever it’s, uh, appropriate. I foresee a bellydancing vinyl session in my near future….

My collection of 45s is laughable at best.

One of my bffs gave me this amazing little 45 container for Christmas. A GIRL AFTER MY OWN HEART.

And my little sister Rachel made this for me.

I love collectin this stuff.

Tuesday Tunage.

I went to a Built to Spill show this past weekend and I am so sad to say I was really underwhelmed. I usually have a blast at any and every show. But this one really threw me off. I guess I had such a different perception of what this show was going to be. But it doesn’t make me feel any differently about the songs I really do love.

Like this one.