Tuesday Tunage.

I went to a Built to Spill show this past weekend and I am so sad to say I was really underwhelmed. I usually have a blast at any and every show. But this one really threw me off. I guess I had such a different perception of what this show was going to be. But it doesn’t make me feel any differently about the songs I really do love.

Like this one.


What is it with people and surprise parties lately? Whatevs. They’re tons of fun.

This cracked me up.


My sisters and I were asked to perform for Mattevi’s big partay. Glad to oblige.

*One of the many strange things that I married into:


My high school students named these Sweeticles. I tend to call them Chocolate Pretzel Buttons, but the former does have a certain ring to it.

Finding these circular pretzels will probably be the biggest obstacle. I find them at the Amish Bulk Food store. Lay down some parchment paper to make life easier later.

Unwrapping these will be the second biggest obstacle. After that it gets really easy, I swear. I tend to steer clear of milk chocolate kisses….they don’t seem to melt the same way as hugs and dark chocolate.

Place your kisses on top of the rings. 225° for maybe six minutes.

Push your M&M (I prefer M side down) into the kiss. It will spread out into the pretzel ring.

People will swoon.

Time Travel.

I teach high school art, so I guess it kinda goes without saying that I get sick. And often. Sharing pencils, paintbrushes and just being around germy kids will definitely get you sick in your first few years of teaching. Last year I got the Epstein-Barr Virus aka Yuppie Flu aka Mono. It knocked me OUT. Sleeping for weeks.

(I hate you, you awful virus)

Well, I’m sick again. I missed three days of school this week because I’ve been sleeping. And not restful sleep. It’s like time travel….I fall asleep and then wake up instantly but six hours have passed. I had bloodwork drawn today, at my mother’s annoyingly persistent request, but I don’t know what that will tell us. Just that I still have this awful virus.

We used to have dance parties to this song in the car. Maybe I jinxed myself.

Oh well, I’ll dance anyway.

Stay healthy.


Recently posts are a place for pics that don’t quite warrant their own entry to exist together. A lovely little patchwork of those random moments that happen through the week.

Nothin on.


This was spirit week at school leading up to the big football game. Thursday was 80’s Day. I just love to make kids’ minds explode. On a side note, that is my authentic NKOTB huge button. Got it at my first concert ever. I also got a souvenir from the tour bus driver as we were walking back to our car after the show. Donnie’s cloth dinner napkin. I still have it.

This BFF is nutz.

My little sister’s finally turned 25. I thought they turned 25 last year and had given them artwork based on that number. Whoops.

We played at the last Farmers Market of the season. We got some amazing tips this time.

Punkin Carvin

This was our second punkin carving get together at my little sister’s house. We made sooo much food for not very many people. But fun nonetheless!

Our workspace.

My brother-in-law got this mug when he was backpacking through Europe. Best choice of hot chocolate vessel I can think of.

We tried bobbing for apples this year. Too bad we filled the bucket and then left it out in the 40 degree backyard. Brrrrrrrr….

My sis was a champ!

The man’s Game of Thrones inspired punkin.

And of course, my Pete punkin.

I love Halloween.