I consider myself a collector of collections. I heard this phrase somewhere awhile ago and it really struck a chord with me. So this will be an ongoing series of the various collections in my life.

Today’s collection is from an exhibit at an open-air museum in the Netherlands that we went to a few summers ago. The exhibit featured massive collections from Dutch citizens and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Not only were the collections themselves fascinating, the way they were displayed was just as interesting.

These little gnomes were right outside the building that contained the exhibit. There were probably 100 of them.

This was a teenager’s collection of sunglasses.

Magazines of all sorts.

An entire room of crucifixes.

This was my favorite. Banks! So many banks your eyes had no idea where to start!

And the final collection featured cleverly displayed (unused) airline sick bags.


What collections do you have?

4 thoughts on “Collections.

  1. i love this! i, too, would fall under the category of “collector of collections.” most of the time i don’t even realize i’ve started one until its too late and i’m running out of room, thinking, “when did i start collecting THESE?!” just a few collections: records, 45 rpm record totes, vintage valentines, vintage sunglasses, vintage bathing suits, silly board games, books, vintage plush monsters, vintage halloween decorations, skeleton keys, old photographs (even other people’s — i have a strange hoard of photos, all of people i have never met), vintage burlesque promo photos, postmortem photos, monkees memorabilia, serial killer memorabilia (aka “murderabilia”), and on and on and on…

    • Um, your collections are incredible! I just got the cooooolest 45rpm case for Christmas from my antiquing buddy. It’s called a Disk-Go-Case and I am in looove with it. I also found a really sweet, but completed, Monkees paint by number on one of my last travels. Next time I’m in Cleveland we should go find more things to hoard!

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