See how my garden grows.

This is the first year I’ve tried gardening. And it’s gone surprisingly well! Usually plants fall victim to my very-opposite-of-green thumb, but I’m proud! I did have an unfortunate cauliflower incident which has turned me off to the vegetable FOR LIFE. I won’t go into the disgusting details, but here’s some of the harvest so far….

Lots ‘o tomatoes and banana peppers.

Some frightening beets.

Speaking of things that are growing fast, my Baby Friend Forever is walking now. Sigh.

And this just made me smile.

Growing anything???

Road trip.

We went on a little journey into southern Ohio territory this past weekend. On the way we picked up the newest member of my ukulele family. Jodi was the one who inspired me to start playing and it was this instrument that made me swoon. So happy to have it. We then continued on to our friend’s place in Athens and made some wonderful new canine friends.


The first tomato from my garden. Eaten immediately after this was taken. MMMMMM.

Hanging out with my Best Friend and Baby Friend Foeva.

Working on a new piece. Finally.

Valleytown rocked our favorite doublewide dive.

MMMMMM Peach Beach….

Oh, Pete.

The winning team of the 3rd Annual Bicycle Scavenger Hunt. Though the tattoo wasn’t the clue that made us win, I’m really glad I got to sit in the AC the whole time.*


*That’s a lie. I missed the whole thing. Oh well….next year.